Birthday Parties

  • Your party is customized to fit your needs.
  • One artist base-price for 1.5 hour parties held in the Pensacola area $185 (certain restriction apply)
  • One-artist, two hour parties start at $225
  • Additional services can be added to your party, ie., glitter tattoos, full magic shows or caricature art.  
  • Many themes to chose from such as Minion, Spy, Pirate, Princess, fairyland gathering, Hawaiian and more.
  • Two artist  Two Hour parties are On Special right now $425 instead of $500.
  • Additional fees may be added for parties based on number of guests, services selected, and travel time to your event.

  •  All Ages Balloon Art Party
    Whether you are celebrating a young child's birthday or Grandpa's 85 birthday where there are people we want to bring the fun
    Zany Janie, and Mr. B. Loon are available to create beautiful, silly, and amazing balloon art for your party.  Your guests will  ooh- and -ah
    at the styles of balloons we create.  No one balloon dog or simple swords here!  
    Your honoured guest receives an extra special balloon sculpture.   

  • Teen or Tweens Balloon Adventure Party
             So what do you do with a room full of "Tweens" or "Teens" who think face painting and dress-up parties are childish?
    Zany Janie or Mr. B. Loon recommend "Balloon Adventure Party" and they come prepared for battle with an arsenal of balloons, pumps,  
    markers, and stickers. They will teach you and your guests how to make crazy cool hats, battle gear and forts.
    Prizes awarded for the most unusual pieces and the best team work.
    Keep the fun going long after we leave by ordering extra balloons and pumps for you and your guests to keep.
    Suggested number of guest, 20 or less.  

  • Princess Playtime or Fairyland Adventure
    With the use of some magic and fun balloon props Zany Janie will lead your courageous princess or heroic prince
    and friends on a magical story time adventure which includes a game time including some of the following choices:
    "find the dingle hopper", "don't drop the glass slipper", dance freeze, "Zany Janie says" "pass the parcel", "pin the kiss on the toad"
    and many, more choices.  Encourage your guests to wear princess, prince, knight or fairy costumes.
    Suggested add-on: One or more beautiful large balloon decor princesses or fairies pre-made just for your child.

  • Pirate Rendezvous
    Ahoy Mates!  Captain Perdy Peg (Zany Janie) or Captain Da' Bloon  (Mr. B. Loon) are in port looking for new recruits to sail the high seas
    with them. Let them put your party guests to the test. Your party crew will be lead through a series of pirate games to test their preparedness
    for sea life.  They will play: "man over board', "sinking island hop", "attack the ship", "find the loot or give 'em the boot"
    and other original games. Your guests will learn goofy pirate jokes, select their pirate name and be sworn in as an official crew mate
    complete with a balloon sword and scabbard.
    Suggested add-ons:  Pre-made  balloon sculptures such as palm trees, skeletons, mermaids, or sea creatures.

  • Pet Shop Party
    Imagine a party where all your guest go to the "groomers" to be transformed with face painting magic to look like dogs, cats, birds, mice
    rabbits, fish or reptiles.   Well that's just what will happen when Zany Janie the "pet pamper" get done with them. Next they will select their
    animal name, complete with birth certificate and then it's time for games.  They will play games such as "where oh' where has my little pet gone",
    "Walk the dog", "put down that slipper",  "Fetch".
    Length of stay up to 1.5 hours for small parties.

  • Jedi Knight Training Camp
    Zany Janie, or Mr. B. Loon dressed in their custom Jedi Knight outfit, will lead your adventurous guests in their quests to be inducted
    to serve as full fledged Jedi knights.  Candidates will perform a series of training games to assess their flexibility, balance, coordination,
    sensory perception and of course their use of balloon light sabres.  Medi-chlorians analyze is included. All participate will receive
    a certificate of completion.   Martial arts apparel (ghi), yoga wear, or exercise outfits are suggested so that guests can move freely.
    Suggested add-ons  Amazing balloon sculptures such as a full sized Jedi Knight, Master Yoda, or an awesome X-wing fighter plane.

  • Magical Birthday Balloon Show
    Comedy Magician and Master Balloon Artist, Zany Janie is here to perform for you and your guests. Her fast-paced,
    goofy giggly interactive show combines music, dance, magic and the creation of amazing balloon art for your birthday boy or girl.  
    You may add an hour (or More) of balloon sculpting so that all the kiddos can take home an awesome balloon too.
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