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    Zany Janie Entertainment offers a variety of fun-filled audience participation shows for festivals,
    agricultural fairs, corporate events, libraries, school assemblies, churches, and more.

"Under the Sea Adventure Balloon Show"
    Zany Janie or Mr. B. Loon will take the audience under the sea in search of a certain famous Mermaid and her friends.
    Be careful the sea holds many mysteries and monsters and you might bump into a few along the way.  This delightful
    show uses large crafted on-stage balloon art, magic, colorful backdrops and lively music.  

“The Big Balloon Challenge Show”
    Hand Cuffs, Blind-folds, Ropes, Magic, and a Giant, Six-Foot Balloon!  Those are just some of the surprises awaiting in this fast-paced
    balloon sculptors’ challenge, starring Zany Janie and Mr. B. Loon.  Awesome music spurs on the feverish action as Zany Janie and Mr. B. Loon
    battle it out in an effort to be crowned "Greatest Balloon Artist."  They find themselves in precarious situations such as being tied up,
    hand-cuffed, and blind-folded, all while twisting amazing balloons.  But moreover, Zany Janie and Mr. B. Loon learn to demonstrate good character;
    truthfulness, faithfulness, kindness, determination and forgiveness. This show uses comedy magic, great music, awesome balloon art,
    and tons of audience participation for a laugh-out-loud zany time.   WARNING!!!! This show includes “Orb of terror” stunt!  Watch in amazement as Zany Janie
    or Mr. B. Loon forces their way through the four-inch opening of a Six-foot round balloon.  Will they make it?  
    Will they run out of air before escaping?  Book a show to find out!

“The Zany Janie Fractured Fairy Tales”
      The Zany Janie Crew creates timeless Tales with a modern twist.
         Oh no!  Zany Janie has tripped and upset her book of Storybook Tales...and now the characters, tales,
         and endings are getting all mixed up. Add to that calamity, the audience suggestions that Zany Janie has
         mix into her story telling and well, you end up with a new show every time.  

"Zany Janie's Magical Balloon Show"
         Zany Janie combines comedy magic, and delightful balloon art will to suit the theme for your party.  
         Her antics will keep your guests laughing, cheering and joining in the fun! Holiday or special theme  shows available.

“Chicken Little Riding Hood”   
          Strap on your imagination cap as Zany Janie  fractures two beloved children’s stories,
    “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Tale of Chicken Little.”  This balloon adventure show uses large, hand made balloon
    masks and headdresses worn by audience actors and  You'll meet Chicken Little, Grandmother, Clucky Ducky,
         Lucy Goosey, Henny Penny, Foxy Loxy, Chilly Willy and of course the Big Bad Wolf. The show incorporates music, illusion,
    great balloon art, sound effects, traditional storytelling arts and loads of audience assistance.

"The Princess who saved herself"  
         Join our brave princess on a quest to save her kingdom from an evil that has overtaken it.
         Along the way she will encounter a witch, a troll, a school of man-eating goldfish, and even a dragon.  Will
         these seemingly unfriendly devilish creatures be her undoing?  Will she escapes their clutches? Will order
         be restored to her kingdom? Will it's town folk every wake up again?  Hmm, only Zany Janie, your favorite
         story-teller, knows for sure.

                          CALL for current rates and to book your shows today  850.910.4863